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Here are a few portrait photography photos and a video of a portrait photography session we photographed this Labor Day week end. Tosha and Coty and their daughters did a great job on one of the hotter days we have had this summer. We had a great time. As a photographer there are several considerations that should be made when photographing a family. When younger children are being photographed you should move quickly and not expect to keep there attention for very long. They are children after all. On a hot day look for lightly shaded areas. This will allow you to produce a better looking photograph and will make it much easier on the family having their portraits taken. Stay hydrated through out the day. If photographing a large family it may be necessary to use a smaller camera aperture to keep everyone in focus. On a sunny day ┬áit is a good idea to use some external fill flash to avoid dark spots in the eye sockets of the individuals being photographed. This will also provide some catch lights in the eyes. This will make the subjects eyes come alive making for a pleasing photograph. It is not necessary for a family’s outfits to all match. A better idea is to color coordinate your outfits. I have attached a link below to one of my Pinterest boards. The board shows examples of outfits for family portrait photography. Please give it a look. I think you will like it.I hope you enjoy the photos.http://www.pinterest.com/vbvphoto/color-coordinating-outfits-for-family-portraits/

Family portrait photography

Portrait photography session

Portrait photography

Portrait photography mother and daughter

Smiling mother and daughters.

mother and daughters






Daughter smelling flower


Daughter setting by flowers


Daughters playing in the grass.


Mother setting on bench.