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Maternity Session At Charles Mill Reservoir

Charles Mill Dam was built in 1935-1936 near Mansfield Ohio. The primary purpose of the dam was to control flooding. Today this area serves as a  scenic location for recreation. Many activities are enjoyed here. They include boating, camping, fishing and hunting.The lake is ideal for the many people who like to enjoy their pontoon boats. With over 500 camp sites there is plenty of room to stay for awhile. The lake offers more than 1,350 acres of surface area and 2000 acres of land. It contains many species of fish. They include Walleye ,Crappie ,Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Northern pike, and several species of catfish. There is a marina on site that offers boat rentals and docking services. Boats may also be purchased from the marina. I personally like to hike around the lake for exercise. I enjoy photographing here. I have many fond memories as a young boy fishing here with my father. We would spend many hours in conversation, always wondering if this would be the day we caught the big one. My family spent many mornings walking here. Walking and taking in the smell of the pines. There is nothing like breathing the crisp air of a winter day. As you can see from the photos below the fall foliage is beautiful. I photographed the session with a Nikon D800. I used a Nikon  70-200mm F2.8 VR II lens. This is a beautiful lens and a work horse in my business. We shot most of the photos with back lighting from the sun. This set the foliage a glow and provided a beautiful back drop for our maternity photo session with Kaitie and Danny. The weather was ideal and the temperature on this fall day was perfect. Below are some photos and a video of this most enjoyable day. If you would like to book a maternity session with us, give us a call, email us or use the contact form above. Just mark the session type maternity. Here is a link for more information on Charles Mill Reservoir.  http://www.mwcd.org/places/parks-and-campgrounds/charles-mill-lake-park


Maternity photography photoMaternity session photoMaternity session photoMaternity session photoMaternity session photo

Portrait Photography Family

Here are a few portrait photography photos and a video of a portrait photography session we photographed this Labor Day week end. Tosha and Coty and their daughters did a great job on one of the hotter days we have had this summer. We had a great time. As a photographer there are several considerations that should be made when photographing a family. When younger children are being photographed you should move quickly and not expect to keep there attention for very long. They are children after all. On a hot day look for lightly shaded areas. This will allow you to produce a better looking photograph and will make it much easier on the family having their portraits taken. Stay hydrated through out the day. If photographing a large family it may be necessary to use a smaller camera aperture to keep everyone in focus. On a sunny day  it is a good idea to use some external fill flash to avoid dark spots in the eye sockets of the individuals being photographed. This will also provide some catch lights in the eyes. This will make the subjects eyes come alive making for a pleasing photograph. It is not necessary for a family’s outfits to all match. A better idea is to color coordinate your outfits. I have attached a link below to one of my Pinterest boards. The board shows examples of outfits for family portrait photography. Please give it a look. I think you will like it.I hope you enjoy the photos.http://www.pinterest.com/vbvphoto/color-coordinating-outfits-for-family-portraits/

Family portrait photography

Portrait photography session

Portrait photography

Portrait photography mother and daughter

Smiling mother and daughters.

mother and daughters






Daughter smelling flower


Daughter setting by flowers


Daughters playing in the grass.


Mother setting on bench.


A Unique Trip Down the Aisle

There are many ways for a bride to be, to make her way down the aisle .You can walk slowly. You may move quickly and nervously. Soft flower petals may be strewn at your feet. You may move rhythmically to a traditional wedding march.

I however recently had the pleasure to photograph the bride riding to the altar side saddle on the back of a Harley Davidson chauffeured by her father. I had not been told ahead of time that this would take place and as you can imagine was quite surprised. I loved it.

The bride and groom Amanda and Nathan enjoy careers in the Military. They are a fun loving couple who know how to make an entrance. Check out the short video below for a look at their special day.






A Family Reunion

This past Easter weekend I had the privilege of spending some time with and photographing Cindy and her family. It had been nearly 15 years since some of the family members had been able to cross the country to see each other. There was a lot of good company and great food on hand for all to enjoy. It is always a good feeling to see a family that truly loves each other. The children all got together and had an Easter egg hunt. Please check out the short video below. The kids had a blast.

Remember if you have a family event that you would like photographed, we would be honored to photograph it for you.






Kaitie and Danny

We recently photographed a portrait session for Kaitie and Danny. They wanted some updated images of themselves. I like to photograph people outdoors most of the time, but the weather does not always permit that to happen. So on this cold winter day we decided to shoot on a green screen and drop in the backgrounds. This technique can provide a nice selection of backgrounds to compliment your images.






Family Photo Shoot at Kingwood Center

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph a portrait shoot at Kingwood Center. Kingwood is located in Mansfield, Ohio. It originally was a mansion that was commissioned by Charles Kelley King in 1926. Following Mr. King’s death in 1952; Kingwood Center came into existence through a trust agreement Mr. King put in place to transform Kingwood into a public garden. There are many beautiful areas at Kingwood including a meeting hall workshop, exhibit hall and of course Kingwood hall. I find the Allee to be one of my favorite areas. It is a trademark feature of Kingwood’s gardens. There are flowering trees and shrubs, tulips, daffodils and annuals. A beautiful fountain adorns the end of the Allee. Kingwood has become a very popular wedding venue for Mansfield Ohio and the surrounding area. The Allee is one of several areas at Kingwood where weddings can be held. All of this provided a picturesque area for photographing our portrait session. We photographed Jennifer and Josh along with daughter Alyxa and Grandfather Ron. We had a very fun day as we traveled the grounds always in search of our next shot. Peacocks roam the grounds and add a very exotic feel to Kingwood. Part way through our day a brief rain shower blanketed the grounds, so we took temporary shelter at the greenhouse. Soon the sun was back and wet brick work provided a colorful backdrop for our photographs. I have included some photographs and a short video of our day. If you would like to have your day photographed at Kingwood, please contact us and schedule a session with Visions By Vern. More information about Kingwood Center can be found at www.kingwoodcenter.org. VBV_2301c VBV_2297c VBV_2293 VBV_2288c VBV_2279c VBV_2277c VBV_2233c VBV_2224c VBV_2213c VBV_2156 VBV_2155c VBV_2153 VBV_2150 VBV_2119 VBV_2112 VBV_2102 VBV_2100 VBV_2095 VBV_2086c VBV_2059